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AFEX is a vehicle fire suppression system. Offering dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent systems for mobile heavy equipment. This equipment has proven essential in the protection of special vehicles in the mining, landfilll, forestry, steel, paper and pulp, mass transit, and agriculture industries.


 An AFEX vehicle fire suppression system is the ideal solution if you're looking to protect your heavy equipment from engine fire, hydraulic fire, debris fire, or electrical fires. The AFEX system is installed as a vehicle component and provides both fire detection and suppression.


AFEX systems help to suppress fires before they cause harm to operators, extensive damage to equipment, and ultimately revenue loss. AFEX offers Dry-Chemical, Wet Agent, and Dual Agent systems that are designed to tackle a wide array of fire risks in any environment.




AFEX Installations


Automatic detection is an integral part of a complete fire suppression solution, saving valuable time and helping to avoid operator error.


The AFEX sensor is a single-pole, single-throw, switch that activates automatically when the sensor reaches the pre-set temperature. The case is laser welded to form a hermetically sealed housing and can be encased in various types of brackets or enclosures for ease of mounting.


Each unit is manufactured to meet or exceed critical commercial, industrial, and military specifications and then inspected by hand to ensure proper operation. The detection system is powered by the equipment's power supply and no additional battery is required. Linear wire and IR detection alternatives are also offered.


The AFEX Circuit Monitor Panel uses both audible and visual alarms to alert the operator to system conditions and can also activate external alarm devices. An operator controlled delay function is provided to prevent unwanted system discharges and an optional engine shutdown switch is available to reduce the risk of fire reignition.


The design uses solid state electronics rather than microprocessors to make the monitor resistant to false alarms and interference from EMI, RF, and unregulated voltage. Power is accessed from the equipment's battery, so no additional batteries are necessary.



AFEX systems can be actuated both manually and automatically.



Manual Systems

Manual only systems are a reliable fire protection solution for equipment and a lower-cost alternative to automatic systems. Manual systems are suitable for many types of equipment, but they do lack automatic detection and actuation hardware of other systems.


Automatic Systems

Automatic systems feature a detection circuit that senses elevated heat in the protected areas of the vehicle and then automatically initiates the discharge sequence. In addition to automatic actuation, all systems have the ability to be manually actuated by the operator of the equipment by using the firing mechanism. Automatic systems are strongly recommended for equipment that needs protection in areas such as the engine, behind the operator, and out of the operator's line of sight. Automatic systems are also effective in helping fight fires that may start within the first hour following shutdown. This is a common risk for equipment that handles or creates excessive, combustible debris. In this situation an automatic system protects equipment even without the fire being observed.



The AFEX system is widely known for its rugged stainless steel construction, designed to be as sturdy as the machine it is installed upon. Stainless steel tubing provides a clean and organized appearance that places the nozzles in fixed positions to best reach fire hazards without interfering with routine maintenance and operation of the machine. Once installed, the tubing is nearly maintenance free. Maintenance crews can avoid the time consuming hose replacements due to dry rotting and unlike hose, tubing does not tangle or intertwine among the many hydraulic lines.


The AFEX nozzle delivers broad distribution of the dry chemical agent, creating a "total flooding" system. A spring-loaded, hinged cap prevents clogging and makes old style "blow-off" caps obsolete.

Together, the stainless steel tubing and specialized nozzle provide a low maintenance, rugged, distribution network that guarantees efficient discharge of the fire suppression agent. It is no wonder so many heavy industries prefer our design.



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